BetaWiki Rant

Today i quit BetaWiki Discord Server Because they picking on me, they said i have bad grammar, they claim my English was bad want whatnot that bad. Now they digging up information about me to mocking me. Then Overdoze said sue me. Betawiki is acting Childless like most people in Betawiki are Kids because act they like little Kids like in Betaarchive. I’m 38 years old American citizen state of Georgia. They called me Kid I’m 38 years old Adult. I born in America and lived in America all my life. I speak Good English like most American do. To them that not good English what they know about speak good English they do not live England or America that being is a hypocrite. They call WinWorldPc a dead site better Betaarchive and Betawiki. Only i like about Betawiki they Wikipedia better than Betaarchive Wikipedia that do not say much about them. Now Betawiki mad at me about Windows 1.0 DR4, Microsoft Project 3.0, and WinWorldPc something wrong with them not me. Least WinWorldPc don’t have Private FTP that nobody use or less you FTP Member. Now I’m Staring own Discord Server.


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