My Problem with BetaArchive

This my continuation of BetaArchive Rant. me telling my story from betaArchive Member revision. Try Join BetaArchive FTP Member club BetaArchive would not accept my Software for entry  FTP Member club. They said Contribute i Contribute my software they would not accept my software for their FTP Server. I’m not FTP Member because that. I wrote over 200 Post for BetaArchive i still not FTP Member.  I Contribute my Software i still not FTP Member. Their is some people in BetaArchive who wrote 3 post and Contribute  their software and automatic they in FTP Member Group. Because of that my not OFFER my software to BetaArchive. Now i’m OFFER my software on WinWorld.   Which i’m member WinWorld. I been a member of WinWorld for 5 Years. Now i finding a lot software and Contribute to WinWorld.  Now i do not need BetaArchive Secret FTP Server to find software are becoming FTP Member. I bless with Software i have and i will find more software in future.


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