BetaArchive FTP Rant

I was looking for file BetaArchive FTP Server. I went to BetaArchive see share file on their FTP server. Answer NO BetaArchive Admin member mrjrey send me Email you can’t request file on their FTP Server without member FTP Access Group. BetaArchive is online pirate ring advertise as Abandonware Site with Secretive FTP Files Server. What is BetaArchive hiding with there secret FTP Server. BetaArchive is hiding illegal Windows 10 Source Code, Windows 2000 Source Code and Windows NT 4.0 Source Code.  I’m BetaArchive non FTP Member. We non FTP member on BetaArchive no rights to BetaArchive FTP Server.  If non FTP Member ask software on BetaArchive FTP you get warning it you do it next you be banned from BetaArchive. BetaArchive make hard to get FTP Access. If you have BetaArchive FTP Server cannot share the files on FTP if you do will be kick off FTP Access Group. Some member on FTP Access Group release FTP files to online. There is another Abandonware called WinWorldPC now named as WinBoards their have open FTP File Server you can download files and don’t have be member to Download files. WinBoards Non member have 25 daily Download Count in til you wait next day to Download Files. WinBoards Members liked me have 50 daily Download Count in til you wait next day to Download Files. WinBoards don’t have Windows XP Download due Microsoft gave DMCA Copyright complaint made WinBorad to take Windows XP Downloads down. But they do have Windows XP  and Windows Vista Betas can download for free.


3 thoughts on “BetaArchive FTP Rant

    • other than the source code, do you have any proof that it is an pirate ring? Im BA non-FTP access member as well, known as MCpillager12.


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