This site will talk about rise and fall MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS is favorite Operation System all time, now Microsoft bring back MS-DOS Mobile for good

Too many site don’t talk about MS-DOS or older version of Windows this site you, and fan of MS-DOS and Windows welcome to DOSWORLD.COM.

Anyone visit Please visit make comment. Because this new website and need more input from visitor and readers. Anyone can make comment about MS-DOS and Windows. Thank You for helping.


6 thoughts on “About DOSWORLD

  1. I’m hoping to find an article from an old dolls world magazine. I don’t know what issue it was, but I know the topic. It was to be a lesson that included a batch file that was used for finding phone numbers. Within this batch file the author of the article was attempting to teach many if not all of the batch commands available. It was called something like phone finder.bat or something like that. I have small portions of the original saved somewhere after all these years. And I’m speaking of the batch file itself. But I would like to find the complete version, and the article. Can you help me? obrien.gw@gmail.com


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